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Bound To Him — Novella
The Bound Series, Book #2
Regency-set BDSM M/M erotic romance
Release date: 02/13/2017
Word count: 30,000
ISBN: 978-1-37073-936-3

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Story Behind the Story - for behind the scenes info on the book

Lord Vincent Prescot's life couldn't be better. His investments were exceeding his expectations, he'd finally accepted that his father would never look on him as a prized son, and his best friend loved him. A thriving bank account, well-respected by his peers, and mind blowing sex with a man who submitted to his every desire—what more could he want?

Lord Oliver Marsden should be more than happy with his life. He's been in love with Vincent for over a decade and six months ago the impossible happened and they became lovers. But since then, nothing had changed. More specifically, Vincent hadn't changed. Oliver tried to be patient—it had taken a lot for Vincent to accept the fact he preferred men. But what felt like a tiny distance between them six months ago now felt like an ever-widening chasm. Why couldn't Vincent stay the night every now and then? Was it too much to ask for Vincent to call him Oliver and not Marsden? He knew Vincent cared for him, but did he love him?

Then Vincent's father asks him for a favor—to marry his elder brother's intended, thus freeing his brother to marry a powerful duke's daughter. If Vincent agrees, he'll have the respect he's craved from his father but could lose Oliver. Nor does Oliver make the decision easy. To keep Oliver, he'll have to do more than deny his father. He'll have to give Oliver his heart.

Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: BDSM theme and elements, and male/male sexual practices.

© Ava March


Vincent scanned the room, spotted Marsden's dark head over at the cashier's cage, and went over to him. He stopped at Marsden's shoulder, ignoring the protests from the two men in line behind him. "Ready to leave already?" He would admit to a certain eagerness to go on to Marsden's apartments. All right, more than eager. But since he'd been gone for weeks, he had rather looked forward to spending some time with him. Outside of his bedchamber.

"I've had enough gambling for one night." Marsden took the few shillings the cashier pushed under the gilded bars of the cage. Then he lowered his voice. "I've been here for two hours. Your note said eight, Prescot, not ten o'clock."

Vincent gave his chips to the cashier. "The rains delayed my travel. As it was, I only stopped home long enough for a change of clothes." And to pick up your gift.

Marsden said nothing, merely shoved his hands in his pockets and contemplated his scuffed evening shoes.

While the cashier meticulously counted a pile of gold sovereigns, Vincent tipped his head toward his friend. "My apologies, Marsden," he murmured. "I didn't know the roads would be such a mess when I wrote you. As it was, I was fortunate to make it to London tonight."

Marsden tucked an errant wavy strand behind his ear and studied him from the corner of his eye. It wasn't as if Vincent had purposefully dallied on his journey. Hell, he had no control over the weather. So why was he so worried Marsden would hold it against him?

Those long, dark lashes swept down. Ducking his chin, a little smile tugged on the corner of Marsden?s mouth, and he lifted one shoulder. "I understand. I'm glad you made it back safely."

Vincent couldn't hold back the smile as the tension slipped out of him and in its place settled the delicious hum of anticipation. He had spent the greater part of the afternoon staring out the window of his carriage as it slowly made its way to London and planning exactly what he would do to Marsden once he had the man alone. "Shall we be on our way then?"

Marsden nodded, a quick jerk of his head.

He pocketed the gold sovereigns, leaving one for the cashier. When they reached the entrance hall, he stopped near the footman stationed at the cloak room. "Your greatcoat?"

Marsden didn't pause but continued on. "Didn't bother with it. Did you take your carriage or hire a hackney?"

Three long strides had him at Marsden's shoulder once again. "My carriage." The burly guard opened the front door as they approached. "Marsden, it's October. You should not have left your greatcoat at home." Marsden walked most everywhere he went in Town. His apartments were close, but not so close that he wouldn't have risked catching a chill if it had rained.

"So where's yours?"

Marsden was getting an extra smack on the arse later for that cheeky comment. Then again, knowing his friend, it would only encourage him. "My coat is in the carriage. Unlike you, I only had to walk twenty feet to reach the hell." He stopped at the streetlamp and flicked his fingers, motioning to his driver waiting for him a few buildings down the road.

His team of four bays pulled up next to him. "Lord Oliver's apartments," he informed his driver as he stepped into the carriage.

Marsden's knees brushed his as he settled on the bench opposite him. The driver snapped the whip, and the carriage lurched forward. Only the soft light from the streetlamps they passed broke the darkness, the golden glow cutting across Marsden's profile; it illuminated the long curve of his lashes behind his spectacles, the high arch of his cheekbones, and the slightly parted full lips. How had Vincent managed to go four weeks without those lips wrapped around his cock?

"God, I missed you." The desperation in Marsden's whispered words sent a thrill through him.

Marsden shifted forward, as if to move to sit beside him. Aware of the open shade on the window, Vincent lifted one leg and pressed a foot over his groin, holding him down, keeping him on the opposite bench. Marsden instantly submitted, settling back, yielding to the pressure, his legs falling open. He rotated his foot, rubbing the sole of his evening shoe over Marsden's rapidly hardening cock. "Were you good, boy, in my absence?" he asked, voice pitched low but with a hard edge that would have Marsden panting in no time.

Marsden's tongue darted out, a quick swipe across his lower lip. "Yes."

He pressed harder, pulling a grunt from Marsden. "Yes, what?"

"Yes, milord."

"Hmm." He passed a hand over his jaw as he continued to rub Marsden's cock through the placket of his trousers, the soft wool sliding easily over silken skin. It didn't feel as though Marsden had worn drawers. One less piece of clothing for the man to remove when they reached his apartments. "Are you certain? Did you take yourself in hand?" He knew the answer, but couldn't resist the urge to voice the question. To torment Marsden. To make the man squirm with a mixture of embarrassment and pure, stark need. To ratchet the anticipation hanging in the air between them, so heavy he could feel it.


"Yes or no, Marsden. Did you pleasure yourself in my absence?"

He lifted his hips, seeking even more pressure, and speared Vincent with a hot stare. "Yes."

"And what did you do, exactly."

Copyright © 2009 Ava March



"Ava March is fast becoming a favorite author of mine. She not only writes emotionally driven stories where I always feel a connection with both heroes, but the romance scenes are very erotic, very naughty, and very smexy indeed." - Smexy Books

"I adored the main characters...-their interactions and conversations rang true, their own complex natures and inner torments kept my attention. Seized it, actually. I couldn't stop reading this one. ...This is a book that will stay with me for some time." - Whipped Cream Erotic Romance Reviews

Bound to Him is a must for fans of Bound by Deception. ... I enjoyed this book very much. Another well-written effort by March, I am looking forward to what she gives us next” - Reviews by Jessewave

"...the sexual encounters were scorching and written with a sensual flavor. ... Bound to Him was a wonderful sequel. I'm look forward to reading more of Ms. March's delightful books in the future." - Literary Nymphs Reviews

"The writing was once again interesting and easy to read with lovely descriptions and typically scorching hot sex scenes. ...I really enjoyed reading this story and the look back on Oliver and Vincent..." - Rainbow Reviews

"There's even more angst in this one, if possible. It's all brilliantly done. And the sex is hot." - Dear Author